Demystifying Personal Development.

I wanted to document and share my journey in becoming the best husband, friend, and entrepreneur I can be.

Life can be confusing and overwhelming at times but we don’t have to stay stuck or feeling lost.

Let’s create a life we love living!

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what self development means to me

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practicing meditations.

There’s a lot of woo-woo out there when it comes to meditations. But it wasn’t until I actually learned what it was and consistently practiced that I felt like I was an active creator of my own life.

becoming a reader.

English was my second language and I hated reading books. Learning how to read faster and more effectively opened up a whole new world of information and self development.

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It’s the go to place to see everything I’ve tried over the years and new things I’m currently doing to live my best life.

Hi! I’m Mike.

I’m passionate about self development because it changed my life. My goal is to share what I already know as well as document anything new to serve as a point of reflection in the future.

And who knows, maybe I can clarify some things for you that I personally wish I had known earlier about self development.