What is Alpha Meditation?

Alpha Meditation is a category of meditation that helps alter your brainwave state from beta (awake) to alpha (relaxed).

Alpha meditation can help with lowering anxiety and stress while it can also help with improving your sleep quality, focus, and productivity.

It also has tangible physical benefits like lowering heart rate, blood pressure, and even reducing symptoms of chronic pain.

Have you just recently heard about alpha meditations and you’re wondering what all the hullabaloo is about?

We’ve known about brain waves for a while. But it wasn’t until recently that science has found out how to access them consistently.

“Why would we want to consistently access certain brain wave states?” I hear you ask?

As it turns out… each brain wave state has its own amazing benefits we can tap into! 

And in this article, I want to give you the basic breakdown of: 

  • what alpha brainwaves are, 
  • what alpha meditation is, 
  • what are its potential benefits, 
  • how to do it, and
  • how alpha meditation personally changed my life.
key takeaways for what is alpha meditation

Key Takeaways

  • Alpha brainwaves is the first step of awareness down from beta brain waves (our normal waking state).

  • Alpha brainwaves are electrical signals that are produced in our brain at a frequency of 8 to 12 Hz

  • Alpha state is best described as being relaxed yet alert. You’ll experience calmness and focus. Learning and absorbing new information becomes easier.

  • Alpha Meditations can lower symptoms of anxiety and stress as well as help with conditions like major depressive disorder and insomnia. It can also improve your physical health by lowering your pressure.

  • Alpha Meditations are often the gateway to deeper forms of meditations that take place during slower brain wave states like Theta and Delta.

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how to know if meditation is working, 17 common signs
understanding brainwaves for alpha meditation

What is Alpha Meditation? Brief Overview of Brain Waves

Before we start talking about Alpha Meditations, I’ll provide a little bit of context about brain waves and brain wave states in general so we’re on the same page.

Types of Brain Waves

A brain wave is an electrical activity in the brain. And the electrical activity in the brain are generally categorized into 5 types of brain waves. 

On this brainwave spectrum, each brain wave is associated with its corresponding brain wave state that may be great in one situation, but not so great in another.

Ok, ok, let me break it down; from most alert to least alert:

Gamma Waves

This brain activity happens when your brain is in over-drive with a frequency range of 25-100 Hz.

If you’re in this state, you’re probably doing something that requires a very high level of cognitive functioning, a fancy word for thinking hard.

Beta Waves

This brain activity is where we spend most of the day. Nothing crazy going on here, clocking in at about 12-30Hz in frequency.

If you’re just going about your day, this is probably where you’re at.

Alpha Waves

Now we’re getting to the good stuff, the star of the show! The brain produces alpha waves measure typically around 8-12 Hz and it’s often described as “wakeful relaxation”.

When you find yourself day dreaming or relaxing on the couch after work, that’s alpha brainwaves putting you into an alpha state.

Theta Waves and Delta Waves

These two waves are similar but are two slightly different frequencies. But for the sake of this article, I’ll give a quick description for the sake of this article. These waves occur when you’re falling into very deep relaxation. And the deeper you go, the closer you come to falling asleep

Remember when you were going in and out of sleep watching Netflix? That’s Theta. And when you’re completely asleep, that would be Delta.

Brain Waves and Brain Wave States

Now that we know the different brain waves and when they happen…SO WHAT, MIKE?

I’m glad you asked!

The thing about brain waves is that they always have a corresponding state.

Alpha brainwaves will mean you’re in an alpha state of mind.

Theta waves will mean you’re in a theta state of mind.

Delta… you get the point.

This means that if we want to access a particular state of mind, all we have to do is either slow down or speed up our brain waves.

This means accessing the blissful feeling of the alpha state doesn’t have to be an accident or by chance anymore. It’s available to you at a moment’s notice.

Alpha Brain Waves and the Alpha State of Mind

The reason why the brain’s alpha waves and the alpha state has become such a hot topic is because of the benefits your mind and body gets access to.

In the alpha state, you’ll experience a sense of calmness, stillness, and focus. It’s also the most ideal state for learning new information. It’s also shown to enhance creativity and improve your problem-solving skills.

Have you ever lost yourself in a certain experience like reading a good book, engaging in a hobby, or spending time with your loved ones?

When you lose track of time and space in your activity, that’s called the Flow State and it’s heavily associated with alpha activity in the brain.

And guess what, if we want to experience everything I just mentioned, all we have to do is shift our brain frequencies.

Ok, that’s great.

  • So how do you generate alpha waves?
  • Can you consciously increase alpha brain waves?
  • Is there some alpha brain stimulation technique?

Yes, increasing alpha wave activity is simple.

Just. Relax.

This is the key to increasing alpha waves and how to produce alpha waves on command.

The very act of relaxing your body (your eyes, your jaws, your shoulders, etc) and relaxing your mind (thinking of a peaceful scenery) is enough to slow down your brain waves.

Very quickly, you’ll find that alpha waves dominate the brain, leading to even more alpha wave activity!

There’s a reason why alpha brain waves are called relaxation alpha waves. Once you start shifting into alpha, your brain will produce even more alpha waves until you’ve achieved the alpha state.

Deep breathing is the key but… I’m getting ahead of myself here.

I’ll discuss how to actually perform a Alpha Meditation later in the article but now that we know what alpha brain waves and what the alpha state is, here are some signs that you’re in the alpha state.

Signs that You’re in Alpha

Just in case things are feeling a little abstract, let me try to bring it down to earth a little bit.

Here are some common signs of being in the alpha state. Some of these may be familiar to you. Some of them will be something to look forward to.

Here we go:

  • Deep Relaxation: I mean this mostly in the physical sense but also applies to your mind as well. I know I’ve had experiences where I found myself clenching my jaws or tightening up my shoulders for most of the day. You know you’re in alpha when your physical body releases all its tensions.

  • Feeling Grounded: Sometimes I feel ‘rooted’ in the present moment. Sometimes figuratively, but sometimes literally! A feeling of groundedness and heaviness is a normal sign that you’re in alpha, maybe even entering theta.

  • Feeling of Warmth or Tingling: Some people will literally feel warmth and tingles. For me, it’s more like goosebumps inside my body. It usually starts from the head and spreads throughout the rest of my body. Whatever it feels like for you, physical sensations are normal and a sign that you’re in alpha.

  • Mental Clarity: Sometimes it feels like I’m thinking 10 different things at once. You know you’re in alpha when the mental chatter goes away.

  • Heightened Focus and Concentration: Because of the reduction in mental chatter, you’re able to direct your focus onto one task or activity.

  • Enhanced Creativity and Problem Solving: Have you ever had a eureka moment while brainstorming? You know you’re in alpha when you’re able to see and think about problems and situations from a different angle.

  • Decrease in Anxiety and Stress: Your mind and body is at ease because it’s relaxed, you’re able to think clearly and creatively. All is well. You know you’re in alpha when you’re experiencing feelings of contentment, almost like after a good laugh or a conversation with a good friend.

I hope these signs make things a little more practical and give you a framework for the rest of the article.

alpha meditation

Alpha Meditation

Alpha Meditation Meaning

To put it simply, Alpha Meditation is any form of meditation that helps you change your brain wave’s frequency from its current brain wave frequency to alpha brain wave frequency. And within a minute or two of your brain consistently producing alpha waves, you will naturally enter into the Alpha State

Similarities and Differences Between Alpha Meditation and Other Meditations

The main distinguishing factor that Alpha Meditation has going on for itself is its focus around alpha brain waves, and so the alpha state.

During different meditations, your brain produces different brain waves and so different states. Depending on your goals and the time of day, one may be better choice than another.

For example, it’s your lunch break and you had a crazy morning and an even crazier afternoon coming up.

This is probably not the time for deep relaxing meditations like theta meditations or delta meditations.

Instead, you may want to do a form of Alpha meditation to experience calm or focus depending on your afternoon activities.

On the flip side, it’s an hour before your already delayed bedtime. 

It’s probably not the time to do alpha meditations that will get your creativity and productivity juices flowing.

Instead, you may want to use alpha meditations to induce relaxation and calmness. Then dive into theta or delta meditations to prepare your mind and body for sleep.

The Science Behind Alpha Meditation

Eastern cultures, and even ancient western cultures, have been practicing all sorts of meditations for centuries. But in the modern West, it’s only become popular recently because of our ability to measure and look at it from a scientific perspective.

Scientific research has been able to identify the frequency of alpha waves being between 8-12Hz for example and noticed when people are emitting these waves they’re consistently in relaxed alertness.

Plus, evidence suggests when people are in this state of relaxed alertness, there’s a big decrease in cortisol production, which is the stuff that makes you stressed out.

This is huge for general mental well being.

Researchers also found links between relaxed alertness and divergent thinking, which is a key component of creativity and problem solving.

They also found that alpha waves can improve neuroplasticity. A fancy word for learning new things.

But maybe most significant of them all, science validates that the Mind-Body Connection exists! Meaning, your mind has the ability to influence your body. This can include:

  • decrease in heart rate,
  • lower blood pressure,
  • even turning on or off certain gene expressions (epigenetics) based on your thoughts and brain waves alone!

With benefits like this all being traced back to alpha brain waves and the alpha state, the obvious question became:

Can we intentionally produce alpha brain waves to intentionally experience these benefits?

Yes. The answer is yes, and that’s how Western science and Eastern meditation have been making regular scientific breakthroughs in the recent years.

benefits of alpha meditation

Benefits of Alpha Meditation and How it Changed My Life

I’ve briefly mentioned these benefits in an earlier section but I’ll go into a little more detail here.

I’ll also use examples from my own life where I can to show you that anyone can do this and what these benefits could like for you.

Reduced Anxiety

Anxiety is rampant in our world today. It almost feels like you can’t escape it. If you want to be a high functioning athlete, entrepreneur, parent, you have to spin 10 plates at once and not let a single one drop!

But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Real-life example

I swear it feels like I have ADHD sometimes. Or maybe it’s because I’m an Aries (if you know you know!)

Point being, I had a tendency to start something without finishing it. Even after (or maybe because) I get pretty good at it.

This means there’s a lot of unclosed loops in my brain that’s telling me I need to go back to close some of those loops.


And then there’s the feeling that I’m not great at any one thing because I’ve never given anything enough time.

Yeah, I know. I do it to myself and I wish things were different too! I’m not trying to garner any sympathy points but what I’m trying to say is that I was full of anxiety.

But alpha meditations slowly but surely started changing everything for me.

Being calm. Being ok.

It allowed me to become aware of where I was and where I wanted to go.

The more I practiced, I felt more centered. I felt less pulled apart in a million different directions. It helped me focus on the few activities that really mattered that was going to help me get to where I wanted to go.

And eventually as I made progress, I started seeing that I was achieving excellence in certain areas of my life.

I had proof that automatically silenced the voices of unworthiness in my head.

Practical advice

If you want to combat anxiety, or even suffering from generalized anxiety disorder, alpha meditations will teach you how to be grounded and how to find yourself.

And with practice, everything you thought was important will slowly fade away until you have a stack of undeniable proof that you are making progress and that everything will work out.

Reduced Stress

Stress is also another one that people have just kind of accepted as the status quo. That if you want to make a lot of money, you have to be stressed. If you want to achieve good grades, you have to be stressed. If you want to be distinguished and win awards, you have to be stressed.

Not at all!

Real-life example

I’ll use the same example I used in the previous section about anxiety.

For me, anxiety and stress were best buds. You couldn’t separate the two. The more anxious I felt, the more stressed I was. And the more stressed I was, the less effective work I got done and more anxious I felt.

Do you see my dilemma?

But once I started alpha meditations and learned how to be grounded and find the present moment, everything changed.

I wasn’t worried about the past. I wasn’t stressed about the future. I wasn’t going to let anything negative from my past or future define who I was in the present moment!

Once you learn how to find the present moment, it’s an amazing day in your meditation and personal development journey.

You realize that most of everything you’ve been concerned about are either not that big of a deal or have no business influencing your thoughts, feelings, and actions TODAY.

Most importantly, the present moment teaches you that it’s all going to be ok.

The ‘how’ isn’t always clear.

But things will always turn out ok. And they do.

And the more you practice alpha meditations and experience that everything does turn out ok, the more you realize everything is going to be ok.

Practical advice

If you’re struggling with stress, alpha meditations will teach you how to let go. Let go of the past, let go of your expectations of the future. It will teach you how to Be.

In fact, you will be making better choices and doing a better job of everything that you end up achieving more faster than you would have before.

If you’re struggling with stress, you have to give alpha meditations a try.

Improved Sleep Quality

Some people toss and turn for minutes if not hours before being able to fall asleep. If I really wanted to, I can fall asleep in under 30 seconds. Which turns out, it’s not always a good thing. Ask my wife!

Real-life example

The hardest thing for me used to be actually falling asleep. I start the evening routine and get ready for bed but sometimes my brain was still going 1,000 mph. Or 1609.34 kmph for the rest of the world.

Even though I was in bed, my brain was still awake like it had work to do. And because my brain thought it had work to do, my body thought it had work to do and wouldn’t relax.

This is all hindsight of course, I didn’t realize that’s what was happening at the time.

But alpha meditations helped me realize that I can intentionally guide both my mind and body from a state of ‘being awake’ to a state that’s ‘ready for sleep’.

This all has to do with the physical and mental relaxations that happen during alpha meditations. 

Once I started getting really good at intentionally slowing down my brain and forcing my body to relax, going to sleep became effortless.

Practical advice

If you’re struggling with falling asleep or suffering from any sleep disorders like insomnia, alpha meditations will change your life.

You’ll learn just how relaxed your body can be, and how to guide your body and mind to a state of relaxation that’s primed for sleep.

If you’re struggling with sleep, you have to give alpha meditations a try.

Improved Focus, Productivity, and Creativity.

Out of all the benefits of alpha waves, this has got to be my favorite.

Real-life example

When it comes to increasing your focus and boosting creativity, alpha meditations can help both during and outside your meditations.

When you enter the alpha state during meditation, you’re able to think clearly because it drowns out all the irrelevant noise in your mind. This allows you to actually focus on one problem at a time.

The cool part is because you’re not thinking about a problem from a frantic state of ‘I just gotta get this done,’ you automatically allow yourself to identify and work on the most important problem that’s going to make the biggest difference.

If that wasn’t enough, once you actually start thinking about the problem, solutions will just come to you. Your creative thinking goes way up.

And I’m not saying you have to try to be creative. In that relaxed state, in that focused state, ideas will just pop up into your head. 

You’ll be able to look at a problem from a completely different angle allowing you to come up with a solution you would never have been able to just ‘think up’ on your own!

This means you’ll be ‘in a rut’ less often. You’ll figure more things out faster. You’ll be unstoppable! This is a GAME CHANGER! And this is what alpha meditation practice offers.

Practical advice

If you’ve ever wanted work to access the flow state more readily and consistently…

Or if you’ve ever wanted work, problems, and solutions to come to you naturally and effortlessly…

You really have to give alpha meditations a try.

It’s probably the biggest shortcut to fast tracking yourself to success in whatever you’re working towards right now. At least it has been for me.

Physical Health Benefits

Aside from improving your mental health and cognitive functions, everything I’ve already mentioned improve the quality of your life because it’s actually causing positive changes in your body.

  • Reduced Anxiety and Stress – Alpha waves promotes the release of endorphins and reduces the production of stress hormones such as cortisol.
  • Improved sleep – Alpha waves promotes the release of melatonin and reduces the production of stress hormones such as cortisol.
  • Enhanced Immune function – Other benefits like better sleep from alpha meditations can boost the immune system. It can not only help you fight off disease and infections that you’ve contracted, but also keep you from getting sick in the first place.
  • Lower Heart Rate and Blood Pressure – Less stress means less survival mode. When you learn how to relax, you can give your heart and blood pressure some rest.

Practical advice

If you’re the type of person that’s always stressed out, have high blood pressure, or always getting sick, definitely try alpha meditations.

Stress and go go go doesn’t have to be the default mode of your body and mind. Give your nervous system a break! When you learn how to settle your mind and body at a moment’s notice, your world will change.

Personal Development

As a personal development nut, Meditation is the single most important personal development skill that I learned that had the biggest impact on my life.

And just like learning how to ride a bike with training wheels, alpha meditations are your gateway to deeper and more complex meditations like Quantum Jumping Meditations.

Real-life example

Living and making choices from the alpha state more often will give you an efficiency you wouldn’t believe.

  • Overwhelmed by a task you need to complete but don’t know how to get started? 
  • Notice a character flaw that you realized have been holding you back in your career and your relationships? 
  • Want to learn a new skill that’s going to increase your worth in the marketplace? 
  • Want to pick up a new hobby and actually enjoy it without treating it like a second job?

These are all examples of how mindfulness and tapping into ‘relaxed alertness’ can help you see things clearly and make better decisions faster. 

Even if what you’re doing is a hard, you’ll learn how to ask the right questions and correctly determine what’s really important versus what’s not. This means you’ll start seeing meaningful results much faster which feeds back into the whole loop and off you go!

Practical advice

Alpha meditations can be a great way of discovering solutions and executing them efficiently. But they’re also great for helping you identify the problem areas of your life in the first place. 

If you’re into personal development and love the idea of productivity hacking but haven’t tried alpha meditations, you are missing out! Check out my other articles on personal development here and definitely give alpha meditations a shot.

techniques for achieving alpha state alpha meditation

Techniques for Achieving Alpha State

Alright, so now you’re convinced this is something you’re going to try at least once. So how do you do it?

I wrote a complete article on the 5 easy steps on how to reach the alpha state quickly and consistently. It goes into a little more depth on ‘the how’ so feel free to check it out if you still need some clarifications.

I ultimately recommend finding a guided meditation that’s going to help you achieve alpha waves consistently but here’s an interesting exercise you can try RIGHT NOW.

If you feel ANY different, a bit more relaxed, a bit less anxious, a bit less stressed, just know this rabbit hole can go deep and promise you’ll check out how deep this rabbit hole goes.


Step-by-Step Alpha Meditation Relaxation Techniques

Make sure you’re in a comfortable and private location where you don’t mind looking a little wonky. This is your first alpha meditation practice, and the basic steps to entering a meditative state.

1. Grounding Yourself – Sit or Lie Down

Find a comfortable position that allows you to slip into the relaxed alpha state and remain still for the next couple of minutes.

NOTE: Being comfortable is mandatory because you’re going to promise me something right now. Once you find your position, you’re not going to move until you decide you’re done. This mimics your body when it’s asleep, tricking your body that it’s time/ it’s ok to relax.

2. Limiting the Senses – Close Your Eyes

One of the main keys to accessing restful mental states and slower brain waves is limiting what you take in via your senses usually with your eyes and ears

Note: You may find earplugs or listening to calm soothing music via noise cancelling headphones for meditation will do something similar for your hearing as closing your eyes does for your sight.

3. Relaxing Your Body – Take Slow, Deep Breaths

  • Inhale over 4 seconds,
  • hold your breath for 7 seconds,
  • and exhale over 8 seconds. 
  • Repeat this 3 times.

Feel free to do this if and whenever you need to force your body to relax, in or out of meditations. Deep breathing is the key to become deeply relaxed no matter where you are, or what you’re doing.

If you ever find yourself yawning especially once you’ve started the breathing, that’s a normal relaxation response. You’re doing great!

TIP: Even throughout your day, if you’re ever feeling a little stressed, overwhelmed, or all you’re seeing is red, try this breathing technique. If you don’t instantly feel your heart rate slowing down or blood pressure dropping, shoot me an email. I’ll make sure you get this. 


Focus on different body parts from head to toe and relax the muscles in that area one by one. The top of your head, your forehead, your eyelids, your cheekbones, all the way down to your feet, and your toes. 

Don’t move on to step 4 until you’ve consciously relaxed all your muscles. And remember, don’t move a muscle! Your itches will go away. Moving AT ALL at this point will wake your body up.

4. Relaxing Your Mind – Imagine a Peaceful Scene

This can be different for everyone.

Choose a scene that represents ultimate relaxation for you.

Be as descriptive as possible. Pay attention to the details.

Not just what it looks like but…

  • Where are you?
  • What does it feel like? Is it hot? Is it warm? Cold? What’s the season? 
  • Can you hear any sounds? Is it coming from somewhere close? Or far away?
  • Can you smell anything? 
  • Can you taste anything? Engage all your senses and fill in the details.

And once you got it, crank up the details to 200% until you’re convinced you’re there.

For me, it’s often a sunny beach in Hawaii. A warm breeze. I hear the waves crashing and the sound of seagulls all around me. My toes sink into the hot sand and as I take in the salty air.

Other times I’m in the middle of a thick sequoia forest. Trees that reach up hundreds of feet tall. I see squirrels running around, some with an acron in their hands. It must have just rained because I’m loving the smell of wet soil as I continue my hike.

NOTE: This is an active way of guiding your mind to let go. If you’re just getting started, it’s going to be hard to ‘think about nothing’ which you hear a lot in meditations. So if your mind is always going to be thinking about something, why not let that be something that’ll help it relax?

Enjoy the moment. You’re not doing this for anything or to do anything.

This process right here – that’s the goal.

And if you find yourself enjoying the very moment that you’re in, congratulations, you’ve just found the present moment.

Tips for Beginners

I’ll keep this section quick and brief.

  1. Be kind to yourself – it’s a skill you’re learning for the first time and practice will only help you get better.
  2. It’s not a race – it’s not a matter of rushing through the steps, the process is the end, the journey is the goal.
  3. Practice before bed – if you can find another in the day to intentionally practice, I highly recommend it. But we all sleep, every single day. And it’s a fantastic opportunity to practice intentional relaxation.
  4. Practice during the day – If you can set aside some time to go through the whole process, great. Even if you can’t, take parts of this meditation and do just the parts you need. 
  • If you’re feeling stressed and your heart rate is going up? Do the breathing portion.
  • If you’re feeling physically wound up, do the breathing and intentionally relax those muscles.
  • If your heads filled with negative unproductive thoughts, it sounds like it needs a reboot. Imagine your peaceful scenery and make it real.

With practice, you’ll be able to slip and out of the alpha state like THAT.

And with even more practice, you’ll become so familiar with the alpha state it becomes the default state you operate out of for certain activities.

Now THAT’S something to look forward to, isn’t it?

Additional Resources For Alpha Meditation

I mentioned earlier that guided meditations are a big part of practicing. That’s because like it or not our mind often wanders.

Guided meditations can help guide you to the present moment just a little more reliably and consistently than if we were left to our own devices.

In no particular order of importance, here are three apps I think you’ll enjoy.

Everyone has their preferences but you’re bound to find at least one if not all of them to help you out on this amazing journey that is meditation.

  1. Headspace – Provides a wide range of guided meditations specifically designed to help you reach states of relaxation, calmness, and focus.
  2. Calm – well… it’s all there in the name, isn’t it! An alternative to Headspace I think you’ll enjoy.
  3. Brainwaves – less focused on guided meditaitons but amazing for binaural beats. Some people find Binaural beats less distracting and easier to find the present moment.
conclusion for what is alpha meditation


Whether you stumbled upon this article just out of curiosity or you were looking for actionable tips that can help you get started, I hope you’ve enjoyed the read and found it helpful.

Alpha brain waves and the alpha state offer tremendous benefits that are at the tips of our fingers. Imagine being able to tap into this super power.

Will your life ever be the same? Can it ever stay the same?

Follow the steps, check out the apps, and start with short but consistent practice. They don’t need to be longer than 5 minutes to start and your life will never be the same.

If you enjoyed this read, check out this article I wrote on the 17 common signs that show your meditations are working and that you’re meditating correctly.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via the contacts page, I respond to every email.

Let’s start meditating!

let's start meditating

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Meditate into Alpha?

It’s as easy as slowing down your breathing to relax your body and visualizing a relaxing scene. But I have more detailed steps here!

How do you know you are in an alpha state?

The alpha state is characterized by feelings of calmness and sometimes physical sensations like a slight heaviness, warmth, or tingling. I have more details above on potential signs you’re in the alpha state here.

Is theta or alpha better for meditation?

Alpha and theta are two different brain wave frequencies that have their own benefits. Often deeper forms of meditation (not necessarily ‘better’) are done at the theta and delta level. But one thing’s for sure. You cannot consistently reach theta without mastering getting access to the alpha state.

What is alpha frequency good for?

Alpha waves and frequencies are great for mindfulness and relaxation overall. It’s the first step below the ‘awake’ level and can help reduce anxiety, stress, improve sleep quality, focus, productivity, and creativity. It’s also almost a requirement for achieving flow state as well. It also has physical health benefits as well and is a great tool to aid you in your personal development journey overall. I go into all the details in the sections on benefits here.

Can Alpha Meditation Help With Anxiety and Stress?

Yes, alpha meditation can help with anxiety and stress. 

It allows me to relax and find inner peace.

By focusing on the present moment and slowing down my thoughts, I’m able to let go of worries and tension.

The alpha brainwave state, which is achieved during this meditation, promotes a sense of calmness and tranquility. It has been proven to reduce stress levels and improve overall well-being.

Can Alpha Meditation Improve Focus and Concentration?

Alpha meditation is a powerful tool for improving focus and concentration. It’s like a mental workout that strengthens my ability to stay present and attentive.

By entering the alpha brainwave state, my mind becomes calm and clear, allowing me to effortlessly absorb information and maintain sharp focus. It’s like a laser beam of attention, cutting through distractions and enhancing my productivity.

With regular practice, alpha meditation has transformed my ability to concentrate and excel in various areas of my life.

How Long Does It Take to Experience the Benefits of Alpha Meditation?

The deeper transformative benefits may take days, weeks, or even months. But some of the physiological benefits like reducing your heart rate, experiencing calmness, and getting better sleep can happen immediately. Follow the steps I outlined above and you’ll be on track!

But still, It’s important to remember that alpha meditation is a skill like any other skill. Give it regular practice and patience. With continued dedication, you can begin to notice BIG  improvements in your focus, relaxation, and overall well-being for the long haul.