tl;dr – what is it and how do you do it?

Quantum Jumping Meditation is a spiritual practice where you train your consciousness to ‘jump’ and linger in your ideal quantum reality until… your thoughts, feelings, body, and experiences of your current reality “shifts” to match those of your desired reality.

Step 1: Visualize what makes up your ideal reality

Step 2: Get a clear sense of how you would feel

Step 3: Close your eyes and Relax

Step 4: Become consciousness and find the present moment

Step 5: Jump to your ideal quantum reality

Step 6: Become familiar with the new version of you

Step 7: Internalize your ideal self and finish your meditation with gratitude.

Step 8: Return back to the world of the senses and regularly revisit the thoughts and feelings you internalized

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This is from my blog about Meditations and Personal Development in general. Here are the 9 Personal Development Skills that changed my life.

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Quantum Jumping, also known as a quantum leap, is a spiritual practice with immense benefits but it’s still shrouded behind mysticism in the modern West.

The problem I ran into was that I didn’t know what any of this stuff looked like in practice and in real life.

So today, I’ll go over what Quantum Jumping Meditations or Quantum Jumping Manifestations are from start to finish with real life practical examples.

In the context of meditation, Quantum Jumping Meditation is understanding the concept that there are an infinite number of realities that you can choose to ‘jump’ to. And the longer you’re able to linger in that desired reality, the faster your present reality will transform to match that new reality. 

It comes down to emotionally teaching your body, what it would feel like before the event occurs. When there’s a (vibrational) match between who you are (your energy), and with that particular potential in the quantum field, you won’t have to do anything. It will come to you.

The key then isn’t to just meditate or have a few feel-good thoughts here and there. The key is to make the quantum jump (by visualizing) and stay in that vibrational match (by staying in the feeling) before and after your meditations

How clear, strong, and consistent you are with that ideal quantum reality (vibration),  is what’s going to determine how fast you will be able to shift your reality.

Before we get into it, if you don’t have a pair of noise-cancelling headphones for meditation yet, I highly recommend getting one. It will help you put into practice everything you’re about to learn here.

woman meditating with her headphones for meditation

What is Quantum Jumping Meditation?

Quantum jumping meditation is then a form of meditation practice where you train your consciousness to ‘jump’ and linger in your ideal quantum reality until you think, feel, act, the same way you would in your current reality as you would in your ideal reality.

When you achieve this, it’s called a ‘vibrational match’ in the quantum field and get ready because your life is never going to be the same.

But to better understand what a quantum jump is in the context of meditation, let’s briefly discuss some basic definitions of quantum physics and quantum mechanics.

an image depicting what the quantum and quantum theory is

What is the Quantum and Quantum theory?

The science of quantum physics and quantum mechanics can feel a bit technical but it’s still important to understand to help us understand how quantum jumping manifestation came to be.

A quantum, in simple terms is the smallest unit of a phenomenon like a quantum of light is a photon, and a quantum of electricity is an electron. 

The quantum theory, then, attempts to explain the nature and behavior of matter (things we can see and often touch) and energy on the atomic and subatomic level.

The quantum theory describes the world in two ways:

  • when observed: physical matter, composed of many ‘quantums’ 
  • when not observed: energy and wave-like possibilities 
a woman looking at all the possible quantum realities she can travel to

What is Quantum Reality?

This means that there are always two sides to reality.

  • The physical world of matter – that has taken physical form because we ‘observed’ it.
  • The quantum world of energy – in the form of invisible waves where all potential possibilities exist until it is ‘observed’ at which point it will turn into matter.

The fact is, all things are waves vibrating at a certain frequency. It just happens that solid matter like trees and the chair you’re sitting on have denser and lower frequencies than unobservable things like music notes and x-rays.

But just because we cannot physically observe them, does not mean it does not exist. And like water vapors in the air condensing into water droplets on your car windshield overnight, it is possible for potential realities to be made ‘real’ in the observable universe.

Understanding the Quantum Reality is to understand that the world you’re perceiving is not the only reality that exists. 

It’s the one that’s taken physical form, but there are an infinite amount of alternate realities that could be ‘observed’ depending on how the energy and frequencies ‘collapse’, or are ‘observed’.

a tree fallen in the middle of a jungle for discussing quantum realities

Example of Quantum Realities

Okay, I hate scientific lingos without keeping it practical so let me try my best to give you an example.

For example, you come across a fallen tree in the middle of the forest. You might have chopped it, or you might have found it. The physical reality is that there is a fallen tree on the ground.

But in the quantum reality, it’s not just a fallen tree. It’s also potential firewood, potential material for your log cabin, or potential food and shelter for the ecosystem around it.

And depending on how you go about chopping it for firewood, maybe there’s a potential the axe slips from your hand. Maybe it doesn’t. Maybe the fire gets started right away, maybe it takes 10 minutes. Maybe 11 minutes. And maybe the one minute is the difference between you starting a fire before it starts raining. And so on and so on.

These are all potential realities that could be, but what we experience as ‘reality’ with our senses will all depend on how waves in the quantum ‘collapse’.

a woman engaging in deep quantum jumping meditation, quantum leaps, quantum shifts, quantum jumping manifestations

So… What Exactly is Quantum Jumping Meditation?

Quantum Jumping Meditation is a powerful technique that gives you full access to all potential outcomes, allowing you to manifest a specific outcome, and unlocking hidden potentials of your life.

It’s understanding that there are infinite possible realities. And it’s understanding that we have the power to collapse these waves of potential reality to manifest and unlock any hidden potentials we desire.

It’s taking back control and living a life of creation and design. 

So the key, is to learn how to intentionally collapse those energy and waves into the reality that you desire instead of leaving it up to ‘random chance’.

How do you do this?

The quick answer is: resting your awareness on the experience you want through visualization techniques and staying in the feeling of that experience – but more on this later.

Having a basic understanding of Quantum Realities is crucial for Quantum Jumping Meditations because what we’re trying to do is jump from one reality (the one we’re currently observing), to another (the one that exists in energy, waves, and potential).

We cannot jump to something that we don’t think exists. At least, not intentionally.

is quantum jumping real?

Is Quantum Jumping Real for Meditation?

The thing is, you don’t have to believe this exists or works at all. 

In fact, despite your awareness and belief in the principle of quantum realities and quantum meditation, conscious practitioners will claim these principles seem so inevitable they even call it a Law. 

(You’ve most likely heard it described as The Law of Attraction, The Law of Assumption, etc).

Woah, Mike, this is starting to sound like that woo woo stuff.

Okay, hear me out. Yes, this principle was not marketed in the best way in the modern West. But civilizations have been practicing it for decades if not centuries – and science is finally catching up. 

The Emerging Science of Quantum Jumping Meditation (But Why I don’t Need Them)

Dr. Joe Dispenza has been regularly making scientific breakthroughs recording not only anecdotal evidence in peoples’ lives, but also scientific evidence of their brainwaves, neurochemicals, and gene expressions that has lead to healings, overcoming traumas, and becoming high-performing individuals.

People like Dr. Joe Dispenza is doing great work that will help us logically understand this at one point. But for a pragmatist like myself, I don’t need to scientifically understand how something works in order to use it and benefit from it.

After all…

  • Do I understand how oxygen keeps my body alive?
  • How the sunlight gives my body the Vitamin D it needs for… whatever it needs it for?
  • I don’t even know how my heart beats 80 beats per minute and
  • Why I need 8 hours of this thing called sleep every 24 hours.
there are two types of people

Two Types of People

The fact is, there are two types of people. 

The first type of person has and are achieving extraordinary things in their lives and careers by quantum leaping to their ideal realities. These are the inventors, the visionaries, and the leaders of cultural movements that have changed the way the entire world works long after they aer gone.

On the other hand, the second type of person is always frustrated, wondering why they’re ‘never lucky’ and why things just ‘never work out’ for them. 

Both types of people (in fact we all) collapse the energy around us and make it physically observable. The difference is how we do it.

Some people just can’t help seeing the positives and making the best out of any situation while some people just can’t seem to help being a negative Nancy.

Some get excited and run toward a potential opportunity for growth, while some people will run the other way or stand still dead in their tracks.

Whichever type of person you are, and whichever boat you find yourself in, think about it this way. 

Everyone quantum jumps from one reality to the next. As every second of every minute that goes by, you’re living in a new reality that was once a potential reality in the quantum field.

The good news is that the next quantum reality you step into doesn’t have to be random. In fact, you can create it. You can design it.

You don’t have to be a bystander anymore, not watching life happen to you, but for you. You can create the reality you want

a fantastical depiction of a quantum jump, quantum leap, quantum shift

What is an Example of a Quantum Jump?

I’ll keep this section short but if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me by using the contact form

Some of these may seem like mere coincidences. Some of them life-changing. These are just a few examples purely meant to demonstrate you can design any and every part of your life if you want to.

example of quantum jumping, how i saved money

How I Saved Thousands of Dollars (And Counting)

Anyone who owns cats understands how much the pet industry is ripping cat owners off with their $30+ bags of litter! After I adopted my second kitty boy, I quickly realized this bill could get out of hand, especially since you don’t just stop rescuing cats after the first two.

I only did this meditation for wanting to save money on kitty litter once and I kitty you not! The very next day, I saw a video on my Youtube feed literally about saving money on cat litter… and I never have cat videos on my feed! What used to cost me almost $1000 every year was now costing me under $150 per year.

example of quantum jumping, how i made a lot of money

How I Got Large Sums of Money

I used to be a semi-professional online poker player. In online poker, there’s a pool of money that gets collected to award someone who gets really, really, like really ‘unlucky’.

The prize can range from a couple thousand dollars to the high tens of thousands depending on the situation.‘Hitting the bad beat jackpot’ is something that people get to experience maybe once or twice in their lifetime. I remember in a span of 8 months, I hit it 3 times.

example of quantum jumping, how i met my wife

How I Met My Wife

Probably the most life-changing event but it was a day like any other day. The difference was that around this time, I had done the meditations meeting my soulmate but nothing seemed like it was working.

I was so jaded by ‘meeting the right person’ that I finally gave up. Turns out getting out of my own way was all I needed to do for me and my wife to finally cross paths. We met online, and Tinder back then wasn’t even a thing!

life is easy with quantum jumping meditation

An outsider looking in might say, but “Mike, those are all just random events” or “Mike, you just got lucky”. 


When you’re matter trying to change matter, there’s only so much you can do.

AND, it’s a lot of work. You have to manipulate and force the world to bend to your will and we all know how easy that is.

But when you tap into the world of energy, fields, and waves, you’re able to reap the benefits of things put into motion that you can’t even begin to comprehend.

If you’re doing it right, anything you’re intentional about will find you and you’ll be the lucky luck box that somehow has everything they want, living the life they want, and loving every second of it. 

Why? Well, because you designed it!

benefits of quantum jumping meditation, quantum leaps, quantum shifts, quantum jumping manifestations

The Benefits of Quantum Jumping Meditation

My personal experiences aside, the benefits of Quantum Jumping Meditation can be endless. If you have the abundance mindset, Quantum Jumping Meditations can raise the quality of all areas of your life. I’ll write a more in depth article on this one day but here are some reasons why you might give it a try.

health is an example of quantum leaps

Potential for Health

If there are infinite possibilities for your future, is there at least one in which that organ donor comes through? Or even better yet, one reality where you’re fully recovered from your condition? 

Of course!

(And by the way, the good news is that there is more than one. There are infinite realities where this is true.)

wealth is an example of a quantum shift

Potential for Financial Success

Out of all the possibilities, is there at least one future where you’re not broke? Or even better yet, relaxing on the warm, breezy, sunny beach of Hawaii? Not just during your short vacation but whenever you want because that’s where you own your dream home? 

You better believe it!

relationships is an example of a quantum shift

Potential for Relationships

Out of all the possibilities, is there at least one future where you are living your best life with your soulmate whom you love and who loves you to the ends of the earth?


personal development, becoming your best self is an example of quantum jumping manifestations

Personal Growth, Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, and Becoming Your Best Self

The benefits can literally be endless. Practicing quantum jumping manifestation can set you on a journey of personal growth

  • learning new skills,
  • experiencing positive changes,
  • removing self-doubt,
  • developing self-confidence/self-belief,
  • getting past subconscious blocks, and
  • overcoming your limiting beliefs

No matter what your situation and circumstances are in life, Quantum Jumping and Quantum Jumping Meditations can help you overcome challenges. You can quantum shift your reality and tune into the abundance mindset to live a life of success in all areas of your life.

woman wondering what happens during a quantum jump

What Happens During a Quantum Jump? How Does Quantum Jumping Meditation Work?

Just Remember This One Thing

Jumping to and from Quantum Realities via meditation and actually shifting your observable reality just comes down to:

  1. Resting (focus) your awareness on the reality you want
  2. Feeling the emotions you would feel in that reality
  3. Living as if that reality is your current reality by staying connected to those feelings and emotions you felt in your ideal reality 

Yes, you need to be in a relaxed state, drop your brain waves down to alpha, achieve alternate states, etc.

But at the heart of it all, it’s recognizing that your current observable universe and situation doesn’t have to be the one you settle for.

Where you place your attention, your energy follows. And wherever your energy goes, your body will physically change to help you experience it.

a chessboard used to symbolize strategically and practically taking back control of your life with quantum jumping meditations

Taking Back Control, Practically Speaking

  1. Thought (or beliefs) that produces certain
  2. Feelings that cause your
  3. Body to change and move that causes you to have a certain
  4. Experience that produces certain
  5. Feelings that you use to reward this cycle

This is the practical stuff. Let’s talk more about it.

morning cup of coffee to help you think about your morning and daily routines

Think About Your Daily Routine.

You hear your alarm. You hit snooze. Ok but seriously, after the third snooze you finally wake up. What are you thinking? Maybe it’s a glass of water, maybe it’s the bathroom, but I’m sure for some of you it’s checking Facebook.

Almost within seconds of waking up, what is it that you find yourself doing? Scrolling on your phone for a little longer than you’d like to admit.

An example of what could have happened is:

  • Thought: ‘I wonder if there’s anything new’ or ‘I’m bored’ caused the 
  • Feeling: ‘I don’t want to miss out’ which made your 
  • Body: reach for the phone so you can have the
  • Experience: of feeling in the loop which gives you the
  • Feeling: of satisfaction so you approve of this programming and before you know it, you’re reaching for that phone first thing every morning.

Thoughts > Feelings > Body > Experience > Feelings that Affirm

After a while, this process isn’t something you even think about anymore. But this is how habits are formed. This is how infinite potential realities are collapsed into the single, observable universe.

It all starts with a thought.

a morning jog as a potential reality of one of your mornings

The fact is, you really could have done anything else when you woke up. The start of your day (and the rest of it as well) had an infinite number of ways it could have played out.

But you had a thought, that created a feeling, that caused you to make a certain decision, that led you to a certain experience.

  • You could have immediately gone for an apple in the kitchen.
  • You could have immediately put your running shoes and gone on a morning jog.
  • Any different action would have led you to a completely different set of infinitely potential possibilities.

And the thing is, this is true not just for the first thought of the day, but all the thoughts you have throughout the day.

Some thoughts may be more important than others so you give it more attention, which gives it more energy, and you end up with the experience.

Others, not so much. So without much of your attention, there is no energy, so it just remains a thought.

It’s a double-edged sword and the quantum doesn’t play favorites. It simply delivers.

Someone who is desperate for positive change in their life can think of nothing but negative thoughts and their reality will be a downward spiral with all the potential positive experiences in the world just staying as powerless thoughts. If that.

Someone who is really down on their luck can think of nothing but positive thoughts and their reality will be an upward spiral with all the potential negative experiences in the world just staying as powerless thoughts. If that.

This is what the quantum looks like in our day to day.

an image of a woman holding a lightbulb to help you remember the next important point

Thought > Feeling > Body > Experience > Feelings that Affirm


Whatever you focus on, think about, rest your awareness/attention on… is where your energy goes, and wherever your energy goes, you or your body will do whatever it can for your body to live that experience.

This means, that if you don’t like the experiences you’re having in your current reality, all you have to do is have a different thought!

Having a different thought will create a different feeling, that will move your body in a different direction, toward having a different experience.

a negative manifestation of quantum jumping gone wrong

Negative Example

This is why you might have heard the phrase ‘be careful what you say’ or ‘words have power’. It’s not because there’s a mischievous leprechaun trying to ruin your day. 

It’s because when you say something, you’re using the energy in your body to use your vocal chords to make a sound that creates literal waves and frequencies (the same thing quantum realities are made up of!) that you’re putting out into the universe. So if you’re going to say something, it better be damn good!

But that’s not even the real issue. In order to say something, you must have thought about it.

Thinking about it alone, as we discussed earlier will set in motion a chain of events that will make the experience of that very thing INVEVITABLE.

Ever had an experience where you thought ‘Oh man, I really hope I don’t embarrass myself,’ or ‘I’m no good at meeting new people’? 

Soon, you’re thinking about the last time you were in a similar situation, and how embarrassed you would feel this time if you messed up again. Before you know it, feeling butterflies in your stomach, your throat dries up, and your body starts getting tense.

And what happens? Of course, you have an embarrassing experience

And worst of all, now you have proof! And you use this experience to think the same thing the next time, and the next time, until you firmly believe that you’re not good at making new friends, networking events, etc.

You don’t even question it anymore and it becomes a known, predictable pattern that manifests a predictable reality.

Thought > Feeling > Body > Experience > Feelings that Affirm

It’s inevitable. It’s law.

a positive manifestation of quantum jumping gone right

Positive Example

On the other hand, what if you you wake up, feeling pretty tired, but you think to yourself, “Man, I’m tired, but it’s going to be a great day”. 

You jump out of bed because you’re excited for what the day’s going to bring you. You give your barista an excited greeting and you have a great conversation. 

Now you’re smiling ear to ear because of that funny story your barista told you, and you greet the receptionist with a big smile and share the barista’s hilarious story.

Few minutes later the receptionist tells her boss how you’re such a pleasure to work with and a great addition to the company. 

Before you know it this is the 5th time this month your direct manager has gotten this feedback from other managers. You’re amazing at your job, and everyone loves you! Everyone’s wondering why you haven’t been promoted yet, your direct manager included.

Couple hours later, your manager comes by your desk and you’re still smiling and having a great day. He asks you to stop by later and he offers you a promotion with a pay raise at that. 

A great day indeed!

‘But Mike, that’s way too convenient and things like that don’t just happen like that’

Sounds too random and would never actually happen in real life? Just think for a second.

Do you have a friend or family member for whom everything always just works out? Just feels like life is on easy mode, they get everything they want, and everything works out for them?

We all know that one person. And it’s not that bad things don’t happen to them. But no matter what happens, whether they’re aware of it or not, they’ve trained themselves to respond with the right thoughts. 

These sorts of individuals understand that no matter the situation, their thoughts will shape how they feel, how they act, and ultimately, how they experience their reality.

If you feel like you’re in a rut or a downward spiral in any area of your life, what you need isn’t more action. It’s the right kind of thoughts.

If you fix your thoughts, you’ll fix your feelings, which will fix your actions, and the experience will fix itself.

Never forget: Thought > Feeling > Body > Experience > Feelings that Affirm

a woman practicing the quantum jumping method with her headphones for meditation

So… How Do You Do it? The Quantum Jumping Method.

I recommend finding a good guided meditation that will regularly and consistently help you make your quantum shift. I’ll make a list of my favorite meditations for Quantum Jumping Meditation and link them here in the future. But with or without guided meditations, here are the steps you want to follow and why.

Also, if you want to read my take on what meditation is, how to meditate, and why I personally meditate, I’ll be linking them here when they are ready as well.

visualize your ideal reality

1. Visualize What Makes This Your Ideal Reality

If you’d like to be in a loving and healthy long term relationship, what does it look like? What’s your desired outcome? I’d recommend writing them out, at least once.

  • What does your partner look like? 
  • How tall are they? What’s the color of their eyes? Their hair? 
  • What values do they have? 
  • Where did you meet? What was your first date? 
  • How do they laugh? Does your partner have any quirks? 
  • What’s your partner’s best quality? What do you love most about them?
get a clear sense of how you would feel after your quantum shift

2. Visualize and Get a Clear Sense of How You Would Feel

If you were already in a successful long term relationship with your partner, how would it feel? I would also recommend writing this out, at least once.

  • Would you feel Grateful? In Awe? Wonder? 
  • Would you be Relaxed? Relieved? 
  • Would you feel Loving? Would you feel Loved?
  • Would you feel Taken care of? Secure?

3. Relax

Close your eyes and breathe from the bottom of your spine to the top of your head in one slow motion. Hold your breathe for 7 seconds once you reach the top of your head and breathe out slowly.

Do this a couple times and feel the tensions in your forehead, cheek muscles, eyelids, and shoulder traps loosen.

It’s ok to breathe. Slowing down your breathing signals your brain and your body that you are safe. It doesn’t need to be in a state of stress, no predator to fight or flee from.

Achieving relaxation through breathing is the key to letting your subconscious mind come to the foreground.

become consciousness

4. Become Consciousness

Focus on the blackness you see with your eyes closed and sense the incredible space that you’re in. You’re no longer sitting in your chair, in your room, in your house, you’re just suspended and floating through space.

Take this further by not just sensing the space but by becoming part of the space. You are no longer limited to your body. No arms, no legs, no head. You are just consciousness floating through the blackness of this black space.

find the present moment

5. Find the Present Moment

If you find yourself thinking about the past or the future, simply become aware of how that thought is tied to you, almost like how a balloon is tied down with a string to your head. Simply grab a pair of scissors and cut that string so it floats away.

Allow yourself to surrender to the present moment as pure consciousness where you are no one, nowhere, no thing, in no time, where there is no past, no future.

After 5-10 minutes your brainwaves should have slowed down from beta down to alpha, maybe even delta. The cusp of alpha and delta is where our subconscious is allowed to act and is our gateway to accessing quantum realities.

You’ll recognize when you’re in this state because it’s a State Akin To Sleep (SATS).

At this point you are officially in a meditative state. Your conscious mind has taken a backseat and your subconscious mind is ready to help you access a different reality.

quantum jumping, jump to your ideal reality

6. Quantum Jumping

Once you’ve made it this far, imagine the long-term relationship you’ve always wanted and all the details that make up that reality you came up with in Step 1. Picture that ideal partner and all their features.

  • How will you know when you’ve ‘made it’? Is it having a family? 
  • Is it having a dog with a white picket fence? 

Visualize all the terms you came up with prior to the meditation. Do this for another 5-10 minutes.

If you dont have a huge grin on your face or haven’t been feeling certain emotions already, completely relax and allow yourself to feel all the emotions that would come with this perfect partner engaged in these perfect activities. 

  • Feel the gratitude. 
  • Feel the warmth. 
  • Feel the security. 

Feel all the emotions you came up with prior to the meditation. You should be feeling very warm and fuzzy with a huge grin on your face. Do this for another 5-10 minutes.

become familiar with your alternate self

7. Become familiar with your alternate self

Now that you’re in a reality where you’re with your ideal partner, pay attention to the kind of person that you are.

  • What kind of thoughts are your higher self thinking?
  • What kind of feelings are your higher self feeling?
  • What would your higher self do?
  • What kind of actions does your higher self take?
  • How do you stand? Sit? Breathe?
  • How do you get out of bed in the morning?
  • How do you feel before, during, and after a typical work day?
  • Picture and feel all the dates you’ll be going on, afternoon naps you’ll be sharing. 

Make the visualization even more powerful by making the colors more vibrant, adding the smell of coffee, the sound of the TV in the background, or the warm fire of the fireplace. 

  • What does it feel like? 
  • How does your partner look at you? How do you look at your partner? 
  • How do you say you love each other? 
  • What does kissing your partner on the cheek feel like?
  • On their forehead?
  • On their lips? 
  • Become familiar with this version of you that has it all.

Make this reality almost as real, if not more real than the physical reality you just came from. Stay in this place until this reality is just as, if not more, real than your physical reality. This is what I meant by ‘lingering‘, because this is where the ‘magic’ happens.

finish your meditation with gratitude

8. Finishing Your Meditation. Internalization and Gratitude.

Now it’s almost time to end the meditation journey. But if you’re like me, and if you’ve gone deep enough and your perception of this alternate reality is clear enough, you probably don’t want it to end.

When your visualization and experience of this quantum reality is as vivid as the observable reality, you know you’re on the right track.

But before we end, take a few minutes to be grateful. Be grateful as if it’s already happened because it has.

That version of reality that you saw isn’t something that might happen for you one day or something you have to strive to make it happen.

It IS you already living that life some place, some where, and you just have to tune into the vibration of that universe by collapsing your reality a certain way starting with your thoughts and feelings.

Internalize all the thoughts and feelings you felt as that version of you and be grateful that it’s already done. You already have it.  As Dr. Joe Dispenza always says, Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership.

return back to the world of the senses

9. Return Back to the World of the Senses

Once you’re so grateful that your physical reality is now that ideal reality, you’re ready to come back to the world of the senses. Slowly return from the infinite empty space and feel yourself slipping back into your body, in your home, in your room, in your chair. Open your eyes.

regularly revisit the thoughts and feelings you internalized from your ideal future

10. Regularly Revisit the Thoughts and Feelings You Internalized

The more frequently and longer you engage in this type of quantum jumping meditation and ‘linger’ in this unknown yet real reality you just visited, the faster you will pull that reality into your current observable reality. 

It’s also important to recall those thoughts and feelings you had in that quantum reality as well as stay in a state of gratitude after the meditation is over. 

Remember, you don’t HAVE to ‘do’ anything… unless you want to. The thoughts and feelings will automatically sort out your actions and lead you to the experience. 

Don’t try to do something. Don’t try to do nothing. Just stay in constant touch with those thoughts and feelings.

Gratitude will help you let go and there will finally be room in your life for the spontaneous and miraculous to pop into your life. Don’t worry about how this whole thing ‘should’ play out. Don’t forget how I had to let go before I could meet my soulmate.

Teach your body to think the thoughts and emotions your ideal self would think and feel ahead of the actual event. This is the key.

Return back to the feeling throughout the day. If you happen to forget, it’s ok. 

The fact that you realized you had forgotten means you’ve remembered. Have a mini-meditation and revisit the terms and emotions of your ideal reality. Feel grateful for it again, as often as you can throughout the day.

I’d personally recommend having at least one main meditation session (30 – 60minutes) every day and as many of those mini-meditations (30 seconds – 60 seconds) throughout the day as often as you can.

tips for the best quantum jumping experience

Tips for the Best Quantum Jumping Experience

Outside of Meditations

schedule your meditations

1. Scheduling Your Meditations

1.1 Carve out a time

Set aside 2x more time than you think you need for the meditation. You won’t be able to relax if you think you’re rushed to get it done.

1.2 Suggested Frequency

Have 1 main meditation (30-60 minutes) a day and as many mini-meditations (30-60 seconds) throughout the day every single day.

give yourself a chance and be kind to yourself

2. Give Yourself a Chance

2.1 Be prepared

My eye mask, headphones for meditation, meditation cushions, and essential oils help me achieve altered states and tune into alternate versions of reality more easily.

2.2 Be consistent

Timeline for manifestations and reality shifts vary. Some are instant, some may take years. But the more you’re adhering to the principles listed in this and the previous section, your reality will come find you sooner than you think.

2.3 Be kind to yourself

You’re doing an incredible thing for the first time. Learning anything new takes time.

2.4 Practice makes perfect

Practice, practice, practice! You’re not going to get it right the first time. At times you’ll have questions. But whatever you do, remember to be kind to yourself and don’t feel rushed. There is simply no need.

Feel free to reach out to me here with any questions you might have and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can. 

learn the language of the universe, quantum jumping meditation

3. Learn the Language of the Universe

3.1 Pay attention and pay homage to the signs

Anytime you notice a small change or shift in your reality, recognize it, call it out, and give thanks to your God, the Universe, or whoever your higher power is. 

This will develop your sensitivity to how the universe is communicating with you. If you don’t do this, your senses may remain or become so dull that your soulmate could smack you on the back of the head and you still wouldn’t realize it. 

Remember my kitty litter example. A quantum shift can come in all sorts of ways.

making your meditations more effective

4. Making Your Meditations More Effective

4.1 Get crystal clear on what makes your ideal reality

Don’t judge yourself for wanting anything. Money, fame, beauty, or a partner. It’s all fair game. The one thing you have to make sure is that you’re clear on what it looks like.

4.2 Get clearer on the emotions you’ll be experiencing

Pick just 3-5 emotions, no need to go overboard. Make sure they’re unique and emotions that would naturally flood you.

4.3 Stay in a state of gratitude as often as long as you can

Do the mini meditations often as you can throughout the day. This is how you can actively draw your ideal reality to you even when you’re not in meditation.

Neglecting this would be the equivalent of going to the gym while eating fast foods 3 times a day.

4.4 Be intentional with your thoughts throughout the day

Remember how quantum realities collapse. Most of your thoughts right now are probably automatic and lack intention. This is going to be an issue especially if they’re negative in nature. Align your thoughts with your thoughts from your ideal reality. Otherwise, you’ll be undoing all the work you did during meditation throughout your day.

4.5 Make sure you’re regularly getting enough sleep

Very underrated but also very important. Falling asleep during meditation isn’t a bad thing. It may be what your body needs the most at that moment or you may be confusing a state akin to sleep (SATS) as sleeping. Whichever the case, we should aim to stay awake when our brainwaves fall down to Alpha and Delta if we can help it. This is where your conscious and subconscious can work together.

During Meditations

intention setting, bring intensity, and be intentional about your meditations

5. Bring Intensity and Intentionality to Your Meditations

Meditation is a relaxed but also engaging activity. If youre just showing up just to show up, you wont get much out of it. On the other hand, if you show up with a strong intention, you can move mountains. Before you sit down, set a strong intention of pulling your destiny toward you.

tips for going deeper in your quantum jumping meditations

6. Tips for Getting the Most Out of and Going Deeper in Quantum Jumping Meditation

6.1 Dont skip the breathing

If you think you’ve relaxed, you can probably relax more, especially if you’re newer to meditation. It’s signaling your brain that it’s a safe time and space.

6.2 Become Consciousness

The purpose of focusing on the infinite black space is to become less matter (your physical body in a physical location at a physical time). Sense and eventually become the black space so can just become a consciousness that’s able to go to places where your physical body cannot.

6.3 It’s not your job to figure out the how

If you knew how to get it, you would have done it already, right? Instead of thinking about how to make something happen, just focus on getting the clearest picture of the terms, thoughts, feelings, and actions you would be experiencing in that ideal reality.

Remember: Thoughts > Feelings > Actions > Experiences

6.4 Linger in the Unknown

Lingering in the unknown makes room for your reality to shift in ways unknown to you. If you knew how to do it, you would have done it already, right? That’s why this is so powerful. Just rest your awareness on the ideal reality and your body will move toward the experience. Remember, it’s a law. 

a caveat on 'taking action'

One Important Caveat: How I feel About ‘Taking Action’

I’m not saying your new reality will change by you staying in your room sleeping all day. But I’m also not saying you need to ‘grind’ and ‘take action, take action, take action’. 

(To make it practical, I’m not saying you should stay indoors all day, nor am I suggesting you should be signing up for all the dating apps and start going on speed/blind dates to meet your soulmate).

What I AM saying, is that if you do this form of meditation correctly, you will find yourself having a completely different thought than you’re used to having before. Which is going to cause you to have a different set of feelings, that’s going to cause you to want to take a different set of actions.

The whole reason why quantum jumps and manifestations are so incredible and inspiring is often that you couldn’t have planned it out better yourself.

So many things had to fall into the right place at the right time and that can’t happen if you’re matter trying to change matter. If you’re trying to do all the work in the ways that are known to you, there’s just no room for what people call ‘random’ or ‘luck’ to influence your life.

So as long as you’re meditating on your ideal quantum reality and you’re content with doing what society would call ‘lazy’ or ‘low effort’, do it! You will feel the need to start ‘taking action’ eventually because ‘taking action’ is also one way ‘randomness’ and ‘luck’ influences your life.

The issue isn’t about taking action vs not taking action. It’s about taking the right action at the right time. These are called ‘inspired actions’ and the difference could be drastic.

Let’s say you want to start a business and you’re just go, go, go. You’re going to waste a lot of time, energy, and maybe even money on ventures that are going to be mediocre at best.

On the other hand, if you meditate on your ideal reality of where you’re running your ideal business, you’re going to think about the terms of that business. You’re going to think about what it would feel like, the things you would do. You may realize, that’s not the kind of business you wanted to start at all! 

But eventually, your ideal business will take shape and become so real to you to the point where you realize you can’t just sit around. It will be impossible.

You’ll be too excited and you will literally be pulled into ‘taking action’. You’ll find yourself ‘taking action’ without even trying.

Thoughts > feelings > action > experience.

Remember, that’s the rule. That’s the law.

the new version of you, the best version of you, your best self

Conclusion: The New You

So don’t sweat the small stuff. Let the experience come to you. 

  • Don’t be biased toward inaction or action. 
  • What you focus on, you will experience. 
  • You don’t have to force anything, that’s the old you. 

The New You?

  • Everything comes easily.
  • There’s always enough time.
  • Everything always works out.
  • And you will have everything you need and everything you’ve ever wanted.

Make room for the unknown in your life by giving it your attention. And give it your attention by setting time aside to do these quantum jumping meditations. 

Giving your attention to the unknown is the only way you’re going to have experiences that are currently unknown to you in your life.


Thoughts > feelings > action > experience.

That’s the rule. That’s the law.

If you have any questions regarding anything here, you can contact me via the contact page. Your messages will go directly to my email.

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It’s been a pleasure writing this for you and let’s start jumping!


are quantum jumps the same as quantum leaps

Are Quantum Jumps the Same as Quantum Leaps?

In the context of meditations, yes, they are virtually interchangeable.

is quantum jumping the same as quantum shifting

Is Quantum Jumping the Same as Quantum Shifting?

In the context of meditation, people use them pretty interchangeably. But if there was a distinction to be made, Quantum Jumping may be used in the context of the individual jumping to another quantum reality while Quantum Shifting may refer to the individual shifting their current reality into a different one. 

I would say it’s a matter of perspective and technicalities but when people are talking about these concepts, it’s generally around the same foundational idea.

is quantum jumping the same as reality jumping?

Is Quantum Jumping the Same as Reality Jumping?

In the context of meditations, yes, they are virtually interchangeable

is quantum jumping the same as quantum jumping manifestations?

Is Quantum Jumping the Same as Quantum Jumping Manifestation?

To put it simply, yes. Manifesting and Manifestations is a term often used by people who practice concepts like The Law of Attraction or The Law of Assumption. Though each ‘manifestation’ community has its own unique roots, the core tenants and principles regarding ‘quantum jumping’, ‘reality shifting’, or ‘manifesting’ are all nearly identical.

Quantum Jumping and Quantum Meditations come from a much more scientific background but I would categorize anyone that belongs to any of these categories as part of being the Manifestation Community.